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How does collections work?


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How do I place accounts?


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What happens when they pay?


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How does collections work?

You provide great experiences for your customers and you want those experiences to continue. However, when a customer doesn't pay you may feel a bit frustrated. You've sent countless letters, made phone calls, and left messages that never seem to get a response. Now what? 

At this point, this is where we take over. As soon as we receive accounts from you, we send you an acknowledgment that we've received them, conduct a series of in-depth compliance checks, and begin a timed rotation of calls and letters. 

On occasion, we discover people have moved or change phone numbers. We find new ones by searching though a variety of sources, including our internal database, US Post Office, credit bureaus, and other third party sources. If we can't find good information, we initiate account monitoring such that we'll receive new information the next time they apply for credit or we receive new information into our system. 

When we finally connect with your customer, our goal is to make them aware of their outstanding balance, resolve questions that may have prevented payment, and coach them towards resolving their past due balance. Over 95% of our accounts are paid in full in one payment. However, for those customers that may be experiencing financial challenges, we may offer several acceptable options to resolve their account. 

However, if they don't resolve their outstanding balance you have the option to employ additional measures, such as credit reporting and authorizing referral to a professional collections law firm. Credit reporting the account will place a negative item on the consumer's credit report. Authorizing legal referral on an account will start the process of locating garnishable assets, such as their paycheck or bank account, and then initiating legal action on an account to recover the past due balance through the courts.  

Do you have specific questions or needs?

A sales representative is available to answer your specific question and address your needs. 

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What is the pricing?

Option 1: Precollection Fixed Fee / Contingency Two Stage Approach

This option is ideal for small and medium sized businesses wanting to place accounts at Day 90 or less.

Precollection Fixed Fee / Contingency Option

Option 2: Contingency Only

This option is ideal for standard collection efforts. Pricing is based on effort required to collect.

  • Precollection rate
  • Primary Collection rate 
  • Secondary Collection rate
  • Pre-Legal rate 
  • Legal rate 

Need another option?

Contact one of our sales representatives.

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How do I place accounts?

Option 1: Placement File


Does your billing system allow you to export account data to a file for collections? If so, just upload it through the portal or sFTP site. Popular option for medium and large businesses.

Option 2: Online Placement Form


Popular option for small businesses, we provide an easy to use placement form directly on your online portal ... just log in and start placing accounts.

Option 3: Data Entry


Don't have the resources? You can fax or mail us the latest itemized statement along with the consumer's demographic information, such as phone numbers, employer, SSN and date of birth for the consumer.

Need another option?


Contact one of our sales representatives.

What happens when they pay?

If they pay you directly ...

Just report the payment to us. We will bill you or offset our remittance for any commissions you may owe, if any. 

If they pay us ...

Payment will be posted in our system and will be included in the following payment remittance. You will also be able to see transactions directly through your portal.

Payment Remittance

Every month, we generate a concise report of all payments made the previous month and send it to your online portal and mail you a check of any remittances. Additional options may include EFT remittances, electronic payment files (such as EDI 835), and weekly remittances. We'll meet your integration needs. 

How will I know what is going on?


Online Portal Access 24/7

Upon signing up, we will send you credentials for online portal access to view existing account details, agent notes, phone calls made, letters sent, and transactions in real time. 


Real Time Reporting

Your online account also features reports which can be run at anytime to pull real-time data that you need.


Monthly Email Updates

In addition to payment remittances, we provide an 6-month snapshot of progress we've made. 

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