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A/R Out of Control?

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If collection efforts are taking up too much of your valuable time and putting a strain on your business, we are here to help. We specialize in resolving delinquencies and will work with you to develop solutions that are right for your company.


Amazing A/R Solutions


Complete A/R Cycle Solutions Available

As an effective extension to your business office, we offer our experienced staff, compliant contact center, and advanced technologies to efficiently manage your accounts receivable inventory from day one through the end of the revenue life cycle. Our highly trained staff work with your customers and help them resolve financial challenges while preserving your relationships. 


Precollections & Early Outs

We offer our Precollection services for accounts not yet ready for full collection measures. Reaching patients close to their service date and discussing payment options is often all it takes to softly nudge your early delinquencies into good standing. 

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Supercharge Your Collection Department

We offer our full service collection department to supercharge your collection efforts. Our highly trained staff work with your customers and help them resolve financial challenges while preserving your relationships. 


Secondary & Tertiary Collections

We offer our full service collection department to revive your aging accounts. Our proprietary systems are able to target and concentrate on those accounts that have a propensity to pay.


Professional Attorney Referral

We have the tools and solutions to turn non-performing accounts into revenue.  For those electing legal remedies, we offer referrals to our internal network of local professional law firms.



Don’t leave money on the table by assuming your accounts can’t be collected. Our proprietary account monitoring processes target accounts for renewed collections when the time is right. 

Specific Workflows


We offer specific workflows designed to adhere your compliance requirements, including non-profit 501(r) compliance and state requirements, including Minnesota Attorney General Agreement.

Special Projects


Changing billing systems? Change of ownership? We offer your operations a bridge support system and staffing to assist during times of transitions. 

A/R Financing


Accelerate cash flow with A/R financing options. Contact our sales staff to discuss options unique to your operation. 

Our Proven Approach


Small Team Units

Our small team unit strategy ensures our highly trained representatives become intimately familiar with your business while developing tactics in a team environment to specifically service your customers. Our approach enables us to handle large volumes while remaining flexible to your needs.


Great Customer Service

You and your staff will have dedicated support.  Every client has a committed sales representative that can help navigate best options for your operations and make the implementation process seamless. Your staff will have portal access to real-time account information and reports 24/7 as well as a dedicated collection manager to assist with daily inquiries. 


Demonstrated Proprietary Processes

Our methods are proven through our results. We sustain above average recovery rates while maintaining a remarkably low complaint rate. Our representatives' trained negotiating skills, and closely monitored conversations together with advanced automation, proprietary scoring, inescapable skiptracing, broad linguistic abilities, and contact technology allow us to implement processes that are extremely effective. 

Our Exceptional Capabilities


Incredibly Advanced Automation

Our heavy investment in advanced technology and business office automation, balanced with human intervention, delivers bottom-line results for your organization. We've gone beyond streamlining calls and letters to develop a unique set of skills automating many other business office operations, thus increasing the quality and effectiveness of our service. 

Enterprise Software


Our systems have advanced capabilities with real-time client and consumer portals, account & payment tracking, and advanced reporting capabilities.

Contact Technology


We use a human intervention manual-dial-only system, call recording, and speech analytics to maximize contact center compliance.

Advanced Integration


We have the ability to generate or receive just about any file type, including EDI, perform inventory audits, and interface directly with your systems.

Propensity to Pay Scoring


We've developed a unique proprietary capability to score an account's propensity to pay or financial assistance eligibility using non-credit sources.

Skip Tracing


We've instituted a waterfall process using internal and external database sources to locate wrong addresses and phone numbers and monitor credit activity.

Credit Bureau Reporting


Our systems have credit bureau reporting and automated eOscar  capabilities to manage disputes from consumers or credit repair shops. 

Compliance Scrubbing


We screen and monitor accounts for bankruptcy, deceased, fraud, military, minors, duplicates, red flags, demographics integrity, and more

Advanced Reporting


Our enterprise system allows users to generate real-time reports upon demand. Custom reporting and delivery options are available upon request. 



We speak the language of your consumers in the community in which you serve. 

Critical Features


We adapt everyday to the ever changing compliance landscape environment.


We've designed redundant administrative, technical, and physical systems and safeguards to protect data. 


Our agents are highly trained, as we institute a required rigorous training program upon hiring, along with annual assessments with continuing education.

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