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Precollection Fixed Fee Approach

Two Phased Approach

We offer our Precollection services for accounts not yet ready for full collection measures. Reaching patients close to their service date and discussing payment options is often all it takes to softly nudge your early delinquencies into good standing. 


Phase 1: First Party Collections


Step 1: One Automated Letter From You


Step 2: Continued Collections from Us

Two automated letters from us and a call. 

Phase 2: Contingency Collections


Turn Up The Heat

We offer our full service collection department to supercharge your collection efforts. Our highly trained staff work with your customers and help them resolve financial challenges while preserving your relationships. 


Professional Attorney Referral

We have the tools and solutions to turn non-performing accounts into revenue.  For those electing legal remedies, we offer referrals to our internal network of local professional law firms.


Continued Collection Efforts

For those not quite ready for legal, we will continue to work and monitor account for payments.


Most Bounce For The Ounce!

Two Phase Approach

Our methods of collecting accounts receivables is designed to assist you in faster debt recovery while keeping your costs to a minimum.

With low fixed-fee pricing per account, regardless of balance, and NO percentages taken – 100% of recovered money is sent to your business or organization with our Phase One Fixed Fee Collections.

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