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501(r) Compliance

The Affordable Care Act (ACA) added new requirements that hospitals must comply with to maintain their tax-exempt status under 501(r) intended to improve transparency and accountability regarding community benefit activities. Before certain Extraordinary Collection Actions (ECA) can take place, you must take Reasonable Efforts within certain time frames to inform consumers of your Financial Assistance Policy (FAP). We will work with your staff to ensure compliance within our 501(r) process.


State Requirements

We understand even more restrictive activities are required to comply with certain state and local laws. We have processes in place to handle these requirement, such as the MN AG Agreement for hospitals.


Financial Assistance Eligibility Scoring

We've developed a unique proprietary capability to score an account's propensity to pay or financial assistance eligibility using non-credit sources.


Extraordinary Collection Actions (ECA)

We work with you compliance team to offer various Extraordinary Collection Actions (ECA) to comply with your Financial Assistance, Billing, and Collection Policies, including credit reporting, legal action referral partners, and/or selling receivable to another party.


Linguistically Savvy

We speak the language of your patients in the communities in which you serve. Our Spanish speaking representatives and other translators can overcome language barriers of your customers.


Physician Groups & Ambulatory

We are experienced with facility charges, physician, ambulatory, and more. We're able to handle the nuances, bundle them together, and translate them into easy to understand amounts for the consumer. 


Advanced Integration

We have the ability to generate or receive just about any file type, including EDI, perform inventory audits, and interface directly with your systems. We have the ability to send or receive files up to several times a day, 


Software Knowledge

Yes. We know Epic, Cerner, Invision, eClinical Works (ECW), and XXX just to name a few. We have the special ability build custom integrations to log into your system, extract only the minimum necessary amount of information that is needed, and integrate it into our information systems.

A Different Approach


Small Team Units

Our small team unit approach ensures our highly trained representatives become intimately familiar with your business, your customers, and develops approaches to specifically service your accounts. Our approach enables us to handle large volume but small enough to be flexible around your needs. 


Compassionate Assertive Representatives

If you want honey, don't kick over the beehive. Our highly trained representatives work with your customers and help them resolve financial challenges while preserving your relationships that you have built. 


Dedicated Client Support

We understand that when you need answers, you need them now. You will have a dedicated sales representative that can help navigate best options and make implementation seamless. Your staff will have access to real-time reports and account notes 24/7. Additionally, your staff will have direct contact to the small team unit's collection manager to assist your staff on their daily inquiries. 


Incredibly Advanced Automation

We've invested heavily in advanced technology capabilities and business office automation, balanced with human intervention, that deliver bottom-line results for your organization. We've gone beyond the streamlining of calls and letters and have developed a unique set of skills to automate many other business office operations to increase the quality and effectiveness of our service. 


We adapt everyday to the ever changing compliance landscape environment.


We've designed redundant administrative, technical, and physical systems and safeguards to protect data.


Our highly trained agents are ... well highly trained. We require rigorous training program upon hiring and annually.

Amazing Results!

Higher Recovery Rates & Customer Satisfaction

Our different approach has proven to be a successful formula for above industry average recovery rates and customer satisfaction.

"Creditor Advocates has gone above and beyond our expectations." Patient Billing Director, Iowa

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