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Other Terms & Conditions


We will indemnify and hold you harmless from any claim, of any kind, made against you based on our collection techniques and secured transfer of debtor information through our recommended procedures. If such a claim is made, we will pay you for all liabilities, costs and damages of every kind, including reasonable attorneys’ fees. This protection extends to the your owners, officers, employees, subsidiaries, etc. You must immediately notify us of any such claim.

You must provide accurate information on each account, promptly report any payments the you receive, and ensure the amount of the debts are expressly authorized and permitted by law. It is important that you notify us immediately of any personnel changes, including terminations, involving access rights to our applications and access to debtor account information.

Client & Debtor Fees

Contingency Fees: Debtor payments may be received at our location, our attorney's location, or at your location(s). Your fee will be the highest applicable fee specified on all payment amounts realized after placement. We will hold your share of amounts collected in trust until we pay the amounts due to you. We will bill you if there is a balance due. For returned checks, we will retain all NSF fees and civil penalties awarded. 

Debtors may be charged fees for non-sufficient funds (NSF), payment transaction fees, attorney fees, court costs, writ of execution, garnishment costs, process server, legal fees and other expenses incurred during the recovery of the balance amount applicable to state and federal laws. These fees will be paid prior to any remittance to you.


The regular fee will apply to any amounts paid to date or payment plans promised as of that date. We reserves the right to cancel and return the accounts at anytime for any reason without penalty. 

For accounts undergoing legal action, additional attorney fees, court costs, and other legal fees allowed by the court may be added to the consumer's balance. If you decide to close your account from collections, you may be responsible for these fees.

Debtor Payment & Remittance

With today's regulations, debtor payments are not guaranteed. If the debtor makes a payment but then requests a charge back or refund at a later date, we will ask you for a refund of any payments previously remitted, if any.


Below are contracts.

CA Contract (pdf)


HIPAA BA Agreement (pdf)